Mystery object close to HST

13 Feb 1997 09:46:27 -0800

                      Subject:                              Time:  09:21
  OFFICE MEMO         Mystery object close to HST/Shuttle   Date:  97/02/13

Hello all,

I was watching NASA Select last night as Discovery approached Hubble for
capture.  At 12:22am PST 2/13 (8:22 UTC 2/13), Hubble was about 30 feet above
the orbiter, and Discovery's low-light-level TV was trained on it.  You could
easily see the constellation Orion as a backdrop to HST, oriented "upright" --
that is, with north "up".  Just then, a satellite could be seen in the video
feed moving from the bottom to the top of the screen, and slightly left to
right.  It was flashing -- perhaps scintillating is a better description.  It
was visible for less than 10 seconds, so it must have been quite close!  I'll
be running COLA to see if I can figure out what it was, and how close it was
...  --Rob