New coordinator for BWGS

Bart De Pontieu (
Thu, 13 Feb 1997 18:26:21 +0100 (MET)

Hi SeeSat-ers,

The Belgian Working Group Satellites (BWGS, part of the
Belgian Astronomical Society VVS) has a new coordinator
as of February 8, 1997. His name is Jan Vansteelandt, a
name which careful readers may have seen appear in the
flash period observing reports of the BWGS, as compiled 
by Kurt Jonckheere. Jan has been an observer for a few
years now and has agreed to take over for me. Jan is
subscribed to SeeSat-L and can be contacted at

As far as I know (but you would have to ask Jan, of course),
this change does not immediately bring about changes in the
international activities of the BWGS, though I suspect
(and hope!) Jan will devote more attention to the Belgian
observers than I have. 

A short reminder for those of you interested:

- The bimonthly newsletter Flash becomes a yearly report
of the activities of the BWGS. The first edition is 
expected to appear in spring 1997. All subscribers of
Flash 1996 will receive this first yearly report. Kurt
Jonckheere is the responsible editor for this Flash-
- Flash period observations remain welcome at
Kurt Jonckheere remains active as coordinator of
these observations. Regular PPAS-updates will be distributed.
PPAS 7 will presumably also be published in the near future.
- The DRA-project is still on hold. Observers are welcome to
submit observations of satellites they find interesting
(at the same address as the regular PPAS observations), but
should not expect prompt analysis of their results. I am
still assessing whether the DRA-project as it runs is worth
the effort, and especially whether I can spare the time off.
- The BWGS will keep on sending off regular Flash-disks 
which contain orbital elements, SeeSat-digests, PPAS-updates,
etc... Contact Jan for details.

Over to you Jan, and thanks for taking over.

Bart De Pontieu - Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics, Garching - SeeSat-L administrator 
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