Soyuz rocket still alive...

12 Feb 1997 17:01:31 -0800

For Seesaters in the Pacific Northwest:

The Soyuz rocket ground track makes landfall over California at around 1:00
UTC (5pm PST) north of Eureka.  It crosses into Oregon 20 seconds later near
Ashland and then crosses the northern portion of Upper Klamath Lake.  Track
crosses into Idaho near a bend in the Snake River by the town of Huntington,
OR.  The track only spends 30 seconds crossing this thinner part of Idaho. 
Next major town on the ground track is Anaconda, Montana, at around 1:03 UTC. 
Helena also appears to be quite close to the ground track.  Lewistown, Montana
is passed at about 1:03:30 in almost the geometric center of Montana.  1:04
UT:  Glasgow, Montana.  The track crosses into Canada right at the North
Dakota/Montana border at around 1:04:30 UT. --Rob