Soyuz-U decay on 2/12/97

12 Feb 1997 14:29:19 -0800

Hi Mike et al.,

Just my luck -- I'm finally in a good position to see a reentry (LA area), but
it's daylight.  I'm going to go outside and look to the southeast anyway from
3:20pm - 3:40pm PST, just in case, but right now there are low clouds blocking
the view.  San Diego is a little closer to the ground track -- perhaps their
weather is clear.  (The actual track crosses Arizona, corner-to-corner).

Looking at the ground track, it appears to cross right over the 4-corners of
Arizona/Utah/New Mexico/Colorado at around 23:29 UTC. About a minute later it
will make a pretty good pass over Ron Lee's location.  (Heads up, Ron!) 
Terminator crossing is in eastern central Minnesota.  People in northern
Wisconsin may be able to see the satellite glowing as it passes around 23:33
UT.  The track continues across Lake Michigan and into Canada a few degrees
(latitude) south of Hudson Bay at around 23:35-23:36.  --Rob