Quick weather image

Robert Reeves (rreeves@connecti.com)
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 06:50:46 -0600

Hello observers,

Yesterday I spoke with fellow SeeSatter O.H. Vaughn at MSFC and he passed
along an interesting URL.  If you want a fast look at real-time world-wide
cloud cover in the infrared, check out:


This site gives a fast 600X400 pixel infrared image of the entire planet
made from a combined view from several geosynchonous satellites.  If detail
is needed for a particular area, click the spot and the image will zoom.

This quick infrared shot is much faster than wading through the weather
screens from Purdue or MSU and shows the entire planet in one shot.  The
drawback of course is that it does not show visible wavelength clouds, but
it does give a good idea of what the sky will be like.

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