Re: Beginners Question

Jeff Hunt (
Mon, 10 Feb 97 16:21:40

You can find a data base on the Orbital Information Group telnet site. You 
can refer to
to find out how to access OIG via telnet.

You can also down load the monthly satellite situation report (for orbiting 
sats) at OIG's telnet site and web site and also at Mike McCants web site. 
These and many more resources are listed in the above mention page.

-Jeff Hunt

--- On Mon, 10 Feb 1997 14:11:35 -0500 wrote in part:
>     Most TLE lists show both the USSPACECOM number and the International 
>     Designator along with the name, but that is not true of all.  Off 
>     hand, I do not know of an available database that cross references the 
>     two other than by looking at a complete TLE list that shows both.
>     Maybe someone else in SEESAT knows of such a database.