Upcoming Hubble visual passes was: 13 Humans in space !

Philip Chien (kc4yer@amsat.org)
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 01:04:38 -0500

Ian and Shari Porter <sharian@alphalink.com.au> asked:

>Crossing fingers I get some HST passes ( I can see it under good
>condtions, even this far south) so I can see them all !!

Gee - some of us are lucky enough to get straight overhead passes.  ;-)

In fact there will be an excellent overhead pass of Hubble over Central
Florida at 5:14 am local - just over an hour after the launch of Discovery
on the STS-82 mission.

And Discovery will be following Hubble about 30 minutes later (assuming a
beginning of the window launch).

Oh yeah, they'll be passing fairly close to comet Hale-Bopp.

Hmm, does Hale-Bopp count as a visual satellite?  I'll grant you it's
orbiting the Sun and not orbiting the Earth ...

With any luck I'll have incredible visible passes of Hubble and Discovery
each morning during the STS-82 mission.

And this is an official threat.  No satellite observers in New Jersey with
a whole bunch of luck, viewing conditions, and generally excellent
satellite observation skills, better not spot any loose solar arrays before
me again!!!!
(Inside joke in reference to the STS-61 HST servicing mission.)

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