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Mon, 10 Feb 1997 01:04:34 -0500

Ian and Shari Porter <> asked:

>If both STS-81 and the next Mir mission launch on time there will be 13
>human beings in space - is this a record ?

err - I think you meant STS-82.

The current maximum of 13 was set during the overlapping STS-67, Mir 17,
and Mir 18 missions.  To have 13 people in space at the same time there
must be a crew of seven aboard the shuttle (the normal maximum, although
there have been two exceptions) plus six people aboard Soyuz and Mir.  This
will be the absolute maximum until space station becomes operational - only
one shuttle is in orbit at any given moment, and you can have a maximum of
three people aboard Mir plus three aboard a free-flying Soyuz, or all six
aboard Mir with two Soyuz docked.

There are two extraordinary pieces of trivia associated with the 1995 13
people in space record -

Three of the space travellers, Ron Parise and Sam Durrance aboard the
shuttle, and Gennady Streakalov aboard Soyuz were in space when the
previous record of 12 was set.

There were two people from Jacksonville Florida in space at the same time -
but aboard different spacecraft.  (Wendy Lawrence aboard the shuttle and
Norm Thagard aboard Soyuz).

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