Re: Triple conjunction

Anthony Beresford (
Sun, 9 Feb 1997 21:40:45 +1030 (CST)

At 10:31 AM 2/9/97 GMT, you wrote:
>Around February 17.0, the two large Zenit rockets 85-97B (16182) and
>88-102B (19650) will pass close to each other, in nearly co-planar
>orbits. About 1 minute ahead of this pair, also in a very similar orbit
>will be found 84-106B (15334). Although observation is rather restricted,
>since Northern Hemisphere visibility will be possible only fairly close
>to northern apex - 71deg.
Well Russell, we get some visibility here in South. 
On the night of the 16th(local time)  I have visibility on
a S to N pass up to 25 degrees at  a bearing of 203 degrees.
Tony Beresford