SeeSat-L cooperation, was Re: Milstar

Bjoern Gimle (
Sat, 8 Feb 1997 18:38:24 +0100 (MET)

> wrote
>> All of us are here to learn and share our experience.  It is not, 
>     however, unreasonable to expect someone to do their homework before 
>     they put up wild speculation.  Bruno, check out things on your own 
>     first, then ask intelligent questions, the answers to which may teach 
>     all of us something.<
>Agreed, but without somewhat provocative questions and suppositions I
>would not have got so many replies so quickly. Thanks to all of you
>who replied and in particular to you, Jeff! 

I fully support Bruno on this. My ideas - and questions - are often
not very carefully considered or investigated, before I post them,
but luckily I can't recall being flamed publicly.

SeeSat-L would be very unrewarding if everyone were sitting
quietly researching their own problems, and not posting results
or questions until they were absulutely sure of having
done all they could. We have scientific journals for that.

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