Bruno Tilgner (
Wed, 5 Feb 1997 16:12:32 -0500

Philip Chien wrote in reply to my supposition that this is an ELINT satellite:

>Nope, just a plain o'le comsat.  Well, the world's largest geosync comsat
and some pretty nifty capabilities.  Given the amount of unclassified
documentation and photographs I have of it, I'd highly doubt that it's got
any ELINT functions which I'm not aware of.<

OK, but whose satellite is it? Certainly not EUTELSAT's, certainly not any
of the European PTTs', most probably not INTELSAT's. That leaves practically no
potential owner in this part of the world. 

And why these gigantic dimensions? Ordinary comsats don't need antennas that
large but they would be perfectly suited to monitoring wireless communications.

Bruno Tilgner