Re: When will Superbird A flash

Bjoern (")
Wed, 05 Feb 1997 16:30:35 +0100

Why should it flash in the morning as seen from USA,when it just
recently was flashing in the evening for Rainer Kracht, Germany ?

I believe Rob Matson, Jim Varney and others had very likely
solutions (SeeSat-L #3893,3918 ...) for the spin axis at
RA=224 deg, decl.+28. in Oct., and also included the normal
of the reflecting surface.

If anything is known about the current orientation, I would
assume it has the same inertial orientation, but the Sun has 
moved 120 degrees soon, so the geometry has(?) changed considerably.

If so, shouldn't someone verify that Rainer's obs. agree with the old
computations, and then try to make new predictions?

It is my pet theory, that if a flasher has been recently observed,
the only safe place to look for flashes is the same RA/decl. where
flashes were seen (until axis and surface geometry is known)


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