Pouplier Alphonse (
Tue, 4 Feb 1997 14:49:04 +0200

>You know that several times I had the opportunity to observe geostat sats
>A friend of mine has a 500 mm telescope. If we aim it south at -7 deg
>As his mount is not motorized, and as magn. 16 stars are easily visibles,
>it's a game to "walk" a little and to survey the stars which seem to "move".
>Amazing, but it's allways the star with no motion in the field which seems to
>be moving...
>It's a question of references and of perception.
>Several geostat. sats are flashing.
>Actually, theire magnitude generally varys of several magnitudes within
>one minute.
>Most of them are between 13 and 15 magn.
>They are all in a very narrow band.

>Michel Saint-Laurent

My pleasure, avec plaisir,  Alphonse

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