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Thu, 29 Feb 1996 11:27:34 -0500

        I'm sorry I haven't done this sooner, but editorial deadlines have
prevented me from getting much else done over the last month and a half. So
without further introduction is in order.

        My name is Larry Van Horn, the ham call is N5FPW. I'm the managing
editor of Satellite Times magazine, a division of Grove Enterprises. I live
in Brasstown, North Carolina, the home of Grove Enterprises (we also publish
Monitoring Times magazine).
        I have been involved with satellites and the space program in one
form or another for the last 30 years. Before coming to Grove in the summer
of 1993 I was in the United States Navy (retired after 23 years of service).
I worked in naval communications and electronics. Most of my energy over the
years has been aimed towards the RF end of the satellite listening spectrum,
but I have done some visual observing as well. Now that I live in an RF
quiet zone, and in an area of totally darkened skies (no city lights around
here), I plan on doing a lot more visual and RF observing of satellites.
        I have written numerous articles on satellites and even published a
book that went through three editions in the 1980's called "Communications
        Now that we have a magazine here at Grove devoted to satellites and
space, I plan on spending more time updating information on our web site
about listening and viewing satellites. It is a slow process, but I feel it
is a good medium to share information (just like the seesat-L and hearsat-L
        I have been very impressed with the information I have seen on both
lists and the nice folks that post to these list, very professional and
cordial people. If I or any member of the Satellite Times staff can be of
any assistance be sure to drop me e-mail and I will see that it gets into
the right hands. You can reach me at: Our web site is at
        Again I apologize for not doing this sooner, but deadlines sometimes
exact a toll in getting things done in the time I would like to get it done in.

Best Regards to All,

Larry Van Horn

"If you're not looking up---you're looking in the wrong direction."	

Larry Van Horn, Managing Editor
Satellite Times Magazine
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