Re: Joel Runes

Wed, 28 Feb 1996 00:49:06 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 27 Feb 1996, Walter Nissen wrote:
> I do not know of a satisfactory way to deal with deaths in this medium.  I 
> can only say that when John Gardner called to tell me the sketchiest of 
> details of the passing of Joel Runes at a young age, I was deeply shocked. 

I don't like having to deal with this in any medium.  I too, was shocked 
and saddened when I read about it.  I wanted to say something here, but 
didn't know what was appropriate.

> His contributions and correspondence will be sorely missed.  
> benefitted from his work.  Probably his family and friends, taken in the 
> "old" way, never heard my name, as I never met Joel in person, or even by 
>  phone.  Nor do I know of a good way to contact them. 

While I never met him in person, (that's the biggest problem with meeting 
and making friends via email), we have spoken on the phone.  We found we had 
a common background as we both worked for Olivetti at the same time in 
NYC many years ago.  I was also honored that he gave me credit for 
furnishing some info for the NoradCat file that he created.  I'm sorry 
that I don't know how we can let his family know how many friends he had 
around the world.
If someone can email me more info on what happened to Joel, I would 
appreciate it.

> Yet his 
> contributions were many and of high interest, 

Will someone be able to gather his unpublished work and insure that his 
work and his memory will be preserved? 

> in SeeSat-L, we have made our own village for the last 15 months.  I am 
> grateful that many have made substantial contributions. 

Thank you Walter and Bart for the idea and great effort in organizing 

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