NASA - Tether review

Bjorn Gimle (
27 Feb 1996 20:14:17 GMT

RELEASE:  96-39


     NASA is forming an independent panel to review the loss 
of the Tethered Satellite, Wil Trafton, Acting Associate 
Administrator for the Office of Space Flight, announced 
today.  The team will be chaired by Kenneth Szalai, Director 
of the Dryden Flight Research Center, Edwards, CA.  A 
preliminary report with recommendations is due to Trafton 
within 75 days.

     "Given the public investment in the tethered satellite, 
it is important that we find out what went wrong," said 
Trafton.  "To do any less would be a disservice to the 
American and Italian people."

      The independent review team will be chartered under 
NASA's Space Flight Operations Contingency Plan.  This is 
standard practice with in-flight anomalies of this magnitude.

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