Mir - very bright

John Corby (John.Corby@headwaters.com)
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 10:45:53 -500

I emerged from seesat hibernation during the cruel Canadian winter to 
watch my first pass of Mir for 1996. I wanted to see how it looked 
with Soyuz docked. I was pleasantly surprised to see the brightest 
pass that I believe I have ever recorded for Mir. As new modules are 
added the potential magnitude for Mir will surely increase.

Can anybody comment on which parts of Mir contribute to its 
reflectivity? Are the solar panels a big factor (I suspect not since 
they project at different angles from the body of the spacecraft). 
What about the bodies of the modules themselves? Are they painted a 
reflective colour?
John Corby
Toronto, Canada
"The True North Strong and Freeze"