Re: Soyuz-TM 23 preliminary TLE

Tristan Cools (
Wed, 21 Feb 1996 21:50:58 +0100

At 10:30 20-02-96 -0100, you wrote:
>I just received recent TLE from and communicated these to Wim Holwerda.
>He in turn provided me with preliminary TLE for the Soyuz-TM 23:
>"S-TM 23"  96052.5152778 .001
>51.62 350.0 .0015 110.5 249.8 16.22 0

Thanks to the preliminary elements from Bram Dorreman/Wim Holwerda I was
able to observe Soyuz TM 23 and its A2 rocket this evening.

A bright flashing object was rising from the West to approx 80 degrees
elevation were it went into the shadow of the Earth.  This was what appeared
to be the A2 Soyuz final stage from the Soyuz TM 23 launch.  It was flashing
with approx 7s.  Some secondary flashes(triple flashes ?) were visible.  It
was just on time using the above elements from Soyuz TM 23.  Time of
observation: 18h38m UT
I hope to see it again tomorow as this will be the last chance to observe it
before reentry, which will occure soon.

3 minutes later, Soyuz TM 23 followed its rocket almost on the same path.  I
think it made a small manoeuvre because it appeared to be in a slightly
higher orbit than its rocket which entered somewhat sooner into the shadow
of the Earth.

At 19h15m, Mir was visible, but nothing special could be seen around it.

Bram, can you post new elements on this list(Soyuz TM 23 and its rocket) for
an epoch 96053 ?

Tristan Cools