Observing satellites from Mexico

Allen Thomson (thomsona@netcom.com)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 17:00:57 -0800

[pascalin@dns1.intermex.com.mx (Arturo Pascalin) asked about 
satellite observing from central Mexico]

   Your arrival on seesat-l is most opportune, as you are in an 
excellent position to observe the geosynchronous belt in the 
western hemisphere.  Rainer Kracht (R.Kracht@t-online.de), near 
Hamburg, has recently discovered some "uncataloged" geosats over 
the central Atlantic.  You should be able to supplement and 
extend those observations very nicely, and to reach much farther 
west to search for other satellites. 

   If you know of any potential satellite watchers to the south 
(Argentina or Chile would be perfect), please urge them to join 
seesat-l.  The biggest defect in the amateur satellite 
observers' community is its lack of geographical diversity, 
especially in the north-south direction.