Re: FSW-1 decay

Tue, 20 Feb 1996 15:28:53 +0100 (CET)

Bjoern's attachments of 'base64' encoded GIF's of the decay rate of FSW-1
were not decodable to many. Bjoern sent me a uuencoded version of the GIF
and this file is available at the SeeSat-L archive. You will receive it
if you send a message with Subject: archive get decay/22870-ed.uu

It is generally not a good idea to send encoded files to SeeSat-L. Many
people may not be interested or uncapable of decoding them. Please send
such files to me, I will make them available at the archive.

One more word about the archive: the 'latest' subdirectory now contains
*all* messages ever sent to SeeSat-L in ASCII-format. The 'old' subdirectory
which contained uuencoded, zipped older messages has thus become obsolete.

   Bart De Pontieu <>