Celestial BBS Gone Forever

Larry Van Horn (expo96@grove.net)
Tue, 20 Feb 1996 07:39:51 -0500

        I thought I would take a moment to let the SEESAT-L group know that
the Celestial BBS run for so many years by Dr TS Kelso has pumped its last
TLE set. Yesterday I received a phone call from ST's View from Above
columnist Dr Jeff Wallach and he said that TS had taken the BBS down for
good. With the decline in BBS usage, the wide availability of the
information on the Internet and other projects eating away at his time [that
is what happens to a newly weds ;-)] the BBS is no more.
        I will probably be talking to TS sometime this week (to get his pic
and bio for his talk at this year's Grove Comm Expo) and see if we can't get
some of this stuff to the Satellite Times web pages on a regular basis. You
can still reach TS at the usual email address and he will still be writing
his regular Computers and Satellites column in ST.

Best Regards to all,

Larry Van Horn
Managing Editor
Satellite Times magazine
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