Satellite reentry?

Rainer Kracht (
Mon, 27 Feb 95 19:06:51 GMT

I found the following under 'Correspondence' 
in SPACEFLIGHT, Vol. 37, March 1995. 
Extraterrestrial Artefact? 
Sir, A white bolide of -7m flew over the 
Kursk, Belgorod and Kharkov regions 
from north to south at 17:45 UT on 15 
May 1994 [1-5]. The bolide's trajectory 
was about 300 km in length. It was ob- 
served by many people including five staff 
astronomers of the Kharkov University As- 
tronomical Observatory, who reported a 
flight time of about 10 seconds. Hence 
the bolide's velocity was about 30 km/s. 
  The impact site was found to be 40 km 
to the SSW from Kharkov, near the village 
of Okhochee, in accordance with a report 
by the bolide's observers. Dr Vladimir A. 
Zakhozhaj (director of the Kharkov Uni- 
versity Astronomical Observatory) visited 
the site with an official expedition from the 
observatory on 27 May 1994: 
 "On the edge of forest we saw a cra- 
 ter of 4m diameter and 1.5m depth, ob- 
 viously from the explosion, the energy 
 of which was estimated to be equal to 
 at least 60 kg of trotyl. We found about 
 10 kg of metallic substance within a 
 radius of 40-50 m from the explosion 
 centre. The forest was felled within a 
 radius of 10 m, and burnt trees were 
 hit by debris. Two trees were mostly 
 burnt in the northern direction from the 
 crater - the most probable flight direc- 
 tion. Preliminary chemical analysis of 
 one sample shows an anomalous com- 
 position: the iron abundance being ob- 
 viously higher than in cases of debris of 
 any cosmic device. It is necessary to 
 study the samples found and the im- 
 pact site further." [5]. 
 I myself saw the debris, the largest 
piece being a crumpled and exploded 
tube of 50 cm length and 2-3 cm thick- 
ness with shallow thread furrows on its 
surface. Its chemical composition was Fe- 
99%; Cu - 0.3%; Ni - 0.04%; Ti - 0.02%; 
(Mg and AI were not found [2,3]) and 
seemed more appropriate to a heavy tank 
than a lighter artificial satellite. Members 
of the expedition told me that the explo- 
sion was not due to an old World War II 
weapon. I saw ablation furrows and scale 
(black crust) on the surface of debris. Dr 
V.A. Zakhozhaj has consulted military ex- 
perts but did not meet with any success. 
 Apparently this artefact of unknown 
origin seems a promising candidate for 
being extraterrestrial trash which acciden- 
tally hit the Earth. At least that possibility 
must be taken into account. 
                   A.V. ARKHIPOV 
         Institute of Radio Astronomy, 
                   Kharkov, Ukraine 
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