upcoming brem-sat decay

Ryan Rudnicki (RR03@swt.edu)
Sat, 11 Feb 1995 19:12:22 -0600 (CST)

copied from Usenet newsgroup sci.space.shuttle:


                     BREM-SAT Statusreport No. 14
                     Bremen, Feb.9, 1995

BREM-SAT has been deployed exactly one year ago by the U.S.
Shuttle and has now an altitude of 203 km. During the last days, 
the satellite decayedup to 5 km each day, and the most likely
re-entry date is now the Feb. 12, 1995.
After almost one year of successful operation the dust detector
(experiment no. 3) has been switched off, in order to concentrate
the work now to the last two experiments. The dust detector has
been read out twice a day during the last year and has demons-
trated that scientific experiments can be performed on a small
satellite at low cost.
The Atomic Oxygen Sensor is still operative because its data are 
very interesting in the actual altitude. F
or the re-entry preparations two mobile ground stations are alreay
positioned in Japan and Iowa State University, USA. These stations
will receive the last satellite data of the re-entry experiments.
All subsystems of BREM-SAT are fully operative. A final status
report will propably released on Monday, Feb. 13.
Bremen, Feb. 9, 1995 8:40 Hans Koenigsmann

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