Re: STS-63 & Mir sighting

Bruce Watson (
Tue, 7 Feb 95 19:00:13 MST

I, too, observed Mir and Shuttle Discovery from Denver, Colorado
during the predawn hours of the morning of Feb 6 about
13:07 UTC. Mir (at +1 mag) was leading Discovery (at -1 mag)
by 36 seconds of time (270 km?). Except for the difference
in spacing, the sight was reminiscent of STS-27 on the evening
of Dec 2, 1988 where Atlantis and Lacrosse 1 were visible. It
looked like a wide double star crossing the sky. Yesterday, it
looked like two planets moving far too quickly across an

This is only the fourth time I've observed the Shuttle.
Now that it has been decided to assemble Space Station
Alpha in the 51.6 deg orbit, we, at higher latitudes
will see the Shuttle (and the station) more often.

Bruce Watson
Denver, Colorado