STS-63 / Mir sighting report

David W. Bishop (
Tue, 7 Feb 95 09:43:40 EST

     At 5:38 EST this morning I saw Discovery and Mir in a perfect pass,
70 degrees above the Southern horizon, going W to SE.  We had some clouds
on the horizon, but conditions were very clear.

     Discovery (brighter of the two) was about 12 degrees in front of Mir.
Brightness of Disovery at max was about the same as Venus.  Mir was
about 2 mags dimmer.  No other objects were sighted nearby.  I was able
to track these two till they almost hit the horizon.  Discovery dimmed to
about mag 4.0 at about 5 degrees about the horizon.

     Here in Northern NY it was about 20 below 0 F ( -30 C ) and a bit
brisk.  That makes the atmosphere thinner as it starts to solidify.....

                            David Bishop

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