Re: STS-63 & Mir sighting

Bill Bard (
7 Feb 1995 08:44:09 U

I believe the shuttle and Mir were approx 100 to 150 meters apart at the 
time. They were supposed to seperate at 21:13 UTC on Feb 6. With 
binoculars, you probably could have seen two seperate objects depending 
on their positions.

From: Yoshiro Yamada

I observed STS-63 and Mir around 20:49 UTC on Feb. 6 (05:49 JST on Feb. 
7) from Yokohama (35.4N, 139.6E).
They looked together like one bright star, mag -1 or brighter, with the 
naked eye ( I could not use binoculars, occupied with photographing).

No bright objects were observed some minutes ahead/after.

Yoshiro Yamada
Yokohama Science Center