Archive commands

Mon, 06 Feb 1995 14:21:19 +0100 (CET)

About 10 people have subscribed in the last week, mostly acting on
Mike McCants' note in the elements file (I presume). It turns out
there was a little error in Mike's message. To get a text-file
with help on how to use the archive, you should send a message
with Subject: archive help 

Mike had mentioned a message with Subject: help archive would do 
the job, but that is incorrect. I know several of you have tried
getting the file (and did not get it). To avoid manual work from my
part, I would suggest you send a message as described above. This
time it'll work. Promise! :-)

I've received quite a few bounce messages this weekend, indicating that
some of the messages may not have gotten through to all subscribed people.
You can easily check this for yourself, since all seesat-messages are
numbered. I have reason to believe that the following people may not
have received everything :

Most of these people are mentioned only once in the (about 20) bounce-
messages, and in a such way that it is impossible for me to say whether
they received it or not. It would interest me to hear from these people
*personally* (not on the seesat-list please! :-), so I can take measures
to prevent these bounces from happening again.
Sorry to go on about this administrative stuff for so long.