H-II launch info

Yoshiro Yamada (yamada@ysc.go.jp)
Sun, 5 Feb 1995 11:20:00 +0900

Launch of the H-II No. 3 Vehicle

February 3, 1995

The National Space Development Agency (NASDA) had rescheduled
to launch H-II Test Flight No. 3 on February 22, 1995. We found
that the Space Flyer Unit (SFU) would be delivered to NASDA by
the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science (ISAS) after
February 11 because of a leak detected in a pipe of Orbit Change
Thruster (OCT) System of the Space Flyer Unit (SFU).  Therefore,
it becomes impossible to launch the H-II in February.

The new date of the launch will be confirmed by based on the
result of the delivery schedule of SFU which is now studied by

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