Re: Any idea when GPS 3 burns will occur?

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Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2018 20:52:09 +0100
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> 18 December 2018 launch on SpaceX Falcon 9.   Is there any information on
> when burns will occur?

The SpaceX timeline is published, see this tweet:

SECO-1 is at 00:08:16 after launch, with the second burn starting at
01:08:51 and ending at 01:09:37 after launch. Spacecraft separation
will be at 01:56:17. These timing suggest ~1 hour coast in a parking
orbit, then a single burn into a transfer orbit, presumably with a
~20200 km apogee. There is a de-orbit NOTAM published, located in the
South Atlantic, West of Africa, which is consistent with this launch
profile, where the transfer orbit has its perigee at approximately 25
deg South latitude. During spacecraft separation, and the subsequent
CCAM/de-orbit burn, the stack is high above the Pacific between Hawaii
and the US. Only Alaska may have visibility of the CCAM/de-orbit burn.

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