Considerable number of Classified objects Declassified

From: Scott Tilley via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2018 10:48:29 -0800
It was noted yesterday a considerable number of objects  that perform 
communications roles in GEO orbit and some objects in LEO where 
declassified by USSTRATCOM.  Historical data going back to 2015 is now 
present in their database for these objects.

Space Track confirmed this was intentional by responding to a twitter 
post I made with this statement:

"You're correct. We are releasing additional data about some space 
objects not previously available. USSTRATCOM has a new policy to enhance 
SSA data sharing, transparency and spaceflight safety."

You can follow the discussion here:

Not since early 1983 has there been this level of transparency in the 
use of space.  They still have some work to do but this is a good first 


Scott Tilley

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