Off Topic: Request for UNID identification

From: AjK via Seesat-l <>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2018 22:36:39 +0000
Hello All,

This is slightly off topic but I am reaching out to your community as I
know many of you are best placed to resolve my dilemma.

The UNID is "off topic" because it's not visual, it's a radar return in
unusual circumstances.

I recently built a meteor bi-static radar detection system in my attic. It
uses the French military Graves radar[1] tuned to 143.050MHz

My system has been working well for meteors. However, since I started the
system I have been trying to see if it could detect the ISS. Many others
with similar systems said their systems often saw the ISS as it flew
through the radar beam. However, in Scotland, I am a long way from where
the beam would illuminate it. To date, I have been unsuccessful on every
attempt when I have known the ISS was within the radar beam and also over
my horizon up here in Scotland. It's been mildly disappointing so far but
I have not given up as yet.

However, last night (2018-12-04 at 02:10:39UTC) my system registered a very
strong return. Roughly 90 minutes later at 03:40:46UTC it returned, again
another strong signal both with clear satellite velocity doppler shifts.
However, the ISS was about as far from the radar beam as you can get
(southern hemisphere).

I have posted to the Graves Italia Echoes facebook group the waterfall
images[2] and a request for help. You can see the waterfall image captures
on that post.

Any help identifying what this could have been would be appreciated.

--Andy Kirkham

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