Re: Is this a satellite or a meteor?

From: Alain Figer via Seesat-l <>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2016 11:31:19 +0100
Hi Patrice,

I just received the following analysis from my JLx friend in Meudon about
your Jupiter crosser.
I thought you might be interested at reading it.

"Dear Alain,

I probably succeeded in identifying the body that Patrice Scattolin imaged
transiting in front of Jupiter on Dec.19th morning : from Space-Track's
current TLE (epoch Dec.22.5426...) the heliosynchrone DMSP 5D-2 F12 Deb
= 1994-057E had a close 59 arc sec. appulse to the Jovian centre only 3 mn
after the reported observation time. Using Guide9 I find the orientation of
the velocity vector relative to Jupiter's belts in perfect agreement.
Nobody discovered that identification because, on basis of the Youtube clip,
the camera was thought running at video cadence. Actually the body moved
near Jupiter at 0.316 deg./sec apparent velocity, and so I infer that the
camera - probably a CMOS model dedicated to planetary imaging - was
acquiring the frames around 8.4 Hz.
The -3 minutes and +51 arc sec. (O-C)s may result from outdated
used in Space-Track's TLE, or alternately from approximate horodatation of
Dec.19th imaging session. Beside, changing the site longitude by +/-0.005
(the reported accuracy) would change the predicted closest approach to
by +/- 64 arc sec.



Alain Figer
48.67°N ; 2.13°E ; 170m a.s.l.

2016-12-20 0:58 GMT+01:00 Patrice Scattolin via Seesat-l <>:

> Hi,
>   Do you guys think this is a satellite or a meteor:
> Date:
> 2016-12-19
> 06h14 EST
> 11h14 ut
> coords : 45.67, -73.74
> The following has been suggested:
> CubeSat-OSCAR 55
> but that seems to be awfully small to be that bright of an object.
> What do you guys thing?
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