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Date: Fri Dec 27 2013 - 00:34:16 UTC

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    On 12/26/2013 4:46 PM, C. Bassa wrote:
    > Have a look at Scott Campbell's website:
    > He has written some software to deal with orbit determination. If you
    > use ObsReduce to generate observations in IOD format (see
    >, you can use Scott's
    > satfit to generate an orbit.
    that's kinda funny because i was just on his site yesterday and downloaded some 
    of his software :)
    thing is, though, i'm not seeing what i expect to see...
    i have observations (from stellarium) of a known object... they were entered 
    into obsreduce... i copied the results.obs file over where elfind and satid 
    could find it... elfind generated a TLE which satid used... my satid file is my 
    "huge" 15000+ tle file... satid shows me some other object instead of the known 
    i may have my site location coordinates wrong, though... i'm using the same 
    coordinates in both programs but obsreduce wants the longitude to be positive 
    for western locations and satid wants the same longitude to be negative... /i 
    think/! but this is something i have run into in the past and it can be 
    confusing... thing is that obsreduce did show me the proper stars in the proper 
    orientation when i put in my simulated observations taken from stellarium...
    to color me confused is an understatement :?
    > Be careful though, as accurate orbits can only be determined if
    > observations span a significant fraction of the orbit.
    yes, i have understood that more observations points over a large arc are better 
    and more desirable for more accurate results :)
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