Re: how to create a TLE?

Date: Thu Dec 26 2013 - 02:06:47 UTC

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    On 12/25/2013 7:16 PM, wrote:
    > WK, you wrote: "if one has the apogee, perigee, inclination and period of an
    > orbit, how can they create a TLE based on that information?"
    > For an approximate TLE, it's not that difficult, but in order to be minimally
    > useful, you'll also need an estimate of the longitude of the ascending node
    > and the longitude of perigee (or apogee) on some date.  As I'm sure you know,
    > satellite orbits precess rather quickly in both the line of apsides and the
    > orbital plane thanks to the oblateness of the Earth (primarily). If we don't
    > have that orientation information, especially the longitude of the ascending
    > node, a satellite could be practically anywhere between the latitude limits
    > implied by its inclination. Naturally a longitude (mean or otherwise) of the
    > satellite in the orbit at some date would be even more useful but since that
    > information goes stale first, it's probably best to treat that as an
    > unknown.
    thanks to all of you who responded privately to my original post...
    i actually did realize that at least the RAAN was necessary but thought to ask 
    if there was any other way to use the available information to determine the 
    necessary TLE data...
    granted, i haven't said what object it is that i was speaking of but, perhaps 
    there is an additional object which does have an RAAN that might be used? 
    granted, in this specific case, the desired object is most likely to have moved 
    from where the available information points to but something is better than 
    nothing, right? :)
    apologies for beeing maybe too discreet but sometimes it is necessary? :)
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