OT: older software in win environment (was: Re: Optical 22 Dec 2013)

From: wkitty42@gmail.com
Date: Mon Dec 23 2013 - 19:38:33 UTC

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    On 12/23/2013 7:19 AM, Greg Roberts wrote:
    > (4) A little OT but see its being discussed at the moment. My new laptop
    > runs Windows 8 and I am the administrator but it refuses to even look at
    > various software I wrote using Power Basic - possibly because Windows 8 is 64
    > bit and Power Basic (because of its age! ) probably a lot less. Any clues as
    > to how this problem can be solved ?  The software runs under windows XP with
    > no problems. Its not serious as Im quite happy to continue runing XP on some
    > of my PC's -- one is still running Dos 6.5!
    assuming that w7 and w8 are (kind of) like Vista, you may be able to right click 
    on the binary for those programs and set the compatibility to XP so they will 
    run in an XP environment...
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