Re: GAIA observed at 120000 km in distance

Date: Fri Dec 20 2013 - 00:30:22 UTC

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    Excellent observation.  I am trying to understand where to observe but
    something just does not compute.  Using the Gaia website, it is north of
    at approximately RA 5h 20 m, Dec +12 Deg, 20 min around 1:45 UT, 20 Dec 2013.
    Using Satflare, it suggests that the maximum elevation is about 20 degrees
    long -104.53, latitude +38.9, elevation 2073 meters, yet adding time to
    has it at higher elevations as time goes on.
    Is the 20 degree max elevation incorrect or misunderstood by me?  I am
    assuming that
    the RA/Dec are close over a few hours.
    Ron Lee
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