Re: Re: USA 179 Rocket (#28385) nicely flashing on a 5.8 sec period

From: Björn Gimle (
Date: Tue Dec 17 2013 - 17:08:26 UTC

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    Thanks, Alain,
    this is definitely an ideal solution - but I have no SLR, and I haven't
    found anything similar on my Lumix GF2.
    It will certainly give as good timings, if the track is short, or the
    object is close to its start or end when it flashes or dips.
    Also for positional measurements, if you have a good way of calibrating the
    camera times.
    Lately, I did that by photographing the Time-the-Sat screen on my Android.
    2013/12/17 Alain Figer <>
    > ...
    > As a matter of fact, I definitely solved the problem caused by the
    > TRUNCATURE TO THE SECOND of the times recorded by my Canon EOS 600D
    > Now I'm able to estimate - rather easily - the truncature value to THE
    > TENTH OF A SECOND, so that I can wholly rely on the times recorded by my
    > camera, hence without having to calculate any accurate orbit.
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