unknown NORAD numbers?

From: wkitty42@gmail.com
Date: Sun Dec 15 2013 - 19:27:30 UTC

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    can anyone say what the following NORAD numbers are allocated for?
    39372 appears to possibly be part C of 2013-060 launched on 5 Nov 2013 but i 
    cannot find any listings for it at all...
    39447 appears to possibly be part AH of 2013-066 launched on 21 Nov 2013... i 
    cannot find any entries for it either but it is falls right in place where 
    2013-066AH would be listed from the Dnepr launch...
    additionally, does anyone maintain an accessible satcat style listing of the 
    90000 series? i have something based on dr jonathan's satcat format but i don't 
    know what happened to entries that are not listed any more... i've simply listed 
    them as "No longer listed" in the "In xxxxxxx orbit" field (#7?) but i'd rather 
    list a pointer to their actual NORAD or COSPAR number... my listing has been 
    roughly updated from the classfd tles so i've not really ever had a lot to go on 
    for these entities...
    i may be contacted off list concerning this if desired...
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