Video of North Korean satellite

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Dec 22 2012 - 12:47:28 UTC

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    Give a monkey a pen and paper and he might produce something :-))
    Well this monkey decided to play around with Youtube videos and made a video of 
    one of the passes I observed of the North Korean satellite. After battling for 
    several hours I got it to my satisfaction on my pc - size about 192 Mbytes. Due 
    to my snail speed internet connection I decided to cut the video size down to 
    320 x 240 pixels - file size then became about 45 Mbytes but the timing for some 
    of the still images contained therein went for a loop. I fiddled that and got it 
    right - on my machine.
    I then uploaded it to Youtube - all 42 Mbytes and see the file sitting at 
    Youtube is now 6 Mbyes. Downloaded it and see the timing for still images is up 
    the creek and depends on what video player I use so this monkey is a bit 
    frustrated now.
    However the video itself is fair but a bit darker than I made it. Beware of the 
    dead pixels but if you watch the center of the video carefully you will see the 
    main flashes, especially around 19h51m UT, roughly every 17 seconds. I havent 
    done any analysis yet.
    If you want to see all the still images/comments I suggest using a player where 
    you can slow it down or view individual frames.
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