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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Dec 22 2012 - 06:36:04 UTC

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    Morning Ted/Kevin
    I agree with your identification. I did see it shown in GUIDES view of the area 
    so dont know how I made this mistake. When I initially measured it I just had a 
    trail and did not know the direction of travel and thought it was the "other" 
    way. Later I examined the video recording and got the correct direction  but did 
    not go back to GUIDE and left it unidentified so probably how I screwed up.
    You must excuse old bollies like me - as I get older and more senile I will make 
    more and more mistakes until eventually I have to give up- hopefully still a few 
    years away :-))
    Looks like we all survived the end of the world - how disappointing for the 
    cranks- at least I havent reached that stage just yet ( or have I?)...
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