DSP 20 cover with slooh

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri Dec 21 2012 - 04:55:22 UTC

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    Tonight I thought, I go look for the DSP 20 cover with slooh.
    Using the intergrated orbit, I aimed where it was to pass. I had it imnage before and after it was to pass, to allow for error in arrival time.
    It was predicted to passed near a mag 6 star.
    I started looking at 4:02 utc, and it eventually showed up. So nice to be able to observe high up stuff, when I am under cloud.
    A closer view.
    Data from the Tycho catalog:
    TYC 188 998
    J2000 position at current date (proper motion included):
    Right ascension: 07h50m51.0855s
    Declination: +04 27' 34.891"
    Slooh location
    16.5083 N 28.2997 W
    Tech info
    Used Dome 2 
    Primary Instrument: 0.35 meter f/11 Schmidt-Cassegrain
    Field of View: 13.1  8.8 arc-minutes
    Widefield Instrument: 85mm f/5.6 Apochromatic Refractor
    Field of View: 1.4  1.1 degrees
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