Re: North Korean Satellite (was: Re: Seesat-l Digest, Vol 35, Issue 16)

Date: Tue Dec 18 2012 - 18:37:54 UTC

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    Sorry, I was not trying to change your opinion.
    Merely clarifying mine.
    Merry Christmas !
    On December 18, 2012 at 9:04 AM Brian Weeden <> wrote:
    > I have not seen a single piece of evidence to suggest that this was a missile
    > test, only political spin arguing that it was so.  If someone has some
    > evidence regarding the booster, flight path, flight sequencing, what was
    > placed into orbit, or anything else about this launch that suggests it was a
    > missile test, I'd be interested to hear it.
    Bill Chaikin, KA8VIT
    USS COD Amateur Radio Club - W8COD
    WW2 Submarine USS COD SS-224 (NECO)
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