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Date: Sun Dec 16 2012 - 18:38:02 UTC

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    Hi Petter,
    On 16/12/12 12:25, Petter Aslaksen wrote:
    > I am stuck with my 18-200mm, 3.5-5.6f at the moment, however I will
    > bring my 50mm next time, I bought it for indoor photos of family
    > parties.
    Probably the best thing to do is to test how well your current lens 
    works. If the lens is still F/3.5 around 50mm set it to that and try to 
    catch some of the brighter classified and catalogued objects. As Greg 
    and Marco mentioned, 10s exposures at 800 ISO or higher should 
    sufficient. With these test observations you can get experience in 
    identifying the objects you see, and start measuring positions.
    > In Norway however, this one is never visible... so I guess I will have
    > some other satellites to look for there.
    At 63 deg Northern latitude you are in a good position to observe 
    classified objects in sun synchronous orbits. Some of these orbits are 
    oriented with respect to the sun such that they pass over locations 
    around local noon and local midnight. This means that for a large range 
    of latitudes the object is in the shadow on the night passes for most of 
    the year. Only in the local summer will the object be visible; we tend 
    to lose them for the rest of the year. Your position in Norway should 
    allow you to see objects in such orbits from earlier in the spring to 
    later in the fall compared to most other observers.
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