Re: Less said the better!

From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Sun Dec 16 2012 - 15:31:08 UTC

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    --- On Sun, 12/16/12, Greg Roberts <> wrote:
    >  For some reason the automatic loading of the SPACETRACK
    > catalog into my GUIDE
    >  directory did not work and the file there was August
    > 08,2012 so hence 
    > satellites
    >  not where they should be....
    Interesting. I didn't know there was a option in guide to do that.
    Me, I dowload the Full Satellite Catalog file off spacetrack, and place it into a folder called sat. I delete the old file there, then unzip the new file. I then remame the file satellite.txt, and add the classfd stuff to it. I then run guide, and it use's the catalog file. 
    That way I know, I am using current tle's, well except with classfd stuff.
    I rather be safe.
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