Visibility of FITSAT-1 LEDs from the ISS

Date: Sun Dec 09 2012 - 23:08:03 UTC

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    According to the current TLEs and data, on the 12th of December at around 21 
    the FitSat-1 cube sat will overtake the International Space Station, exposing 
    its LEDs 
    toward the station.
    Thanks to both the good orientation and the short distance between the two 
    the LEDs should be easily visible from the ISS.
    However, the first LED activation after this date is scheduled only at 22.10 
    December 13 when the Station will be already too far.
    13/12/2012  22.12.30 UTC - Distance 2330 km - Led Angle 55 deg - LED Magnitude 
    If the activation would be rescheduled for the pass at 23.06 UTC on the 12th 
    of December
    (one day before) the same regions on the Earth could observe the LEDs (the 
    pass is very 
    similar to the planned one) and the ISS would be in a good position as well, 
    at a distance of 
    260 km under an angle of 57 deg. The expected magnitude would be of 6.
    12/12/2012 23.06.00 UTC - Distance 260 km - Led Angle 57 deg - LED Magnitude 
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