FitSat-1/Niwaka - LED activation schedule

Date: Sat Dec 08 2012 - 11:18:12 UTC

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    Two first LED activations (outside Japan visibility) have been planned for 
    the following days.
    According to the temporary schedule the first one will occur over US
    on Dec 12 at 06:14:30 UTC and it will last for 2 minutes. 
    Some of the best locations to observe the flashing LEDs are:
    Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, New Jersey and Virginia.
    The second activation will occur over Europe on Dec 13 at 22:10:30 UTC
    and it will last for either 2 or 4 minutes.
    In case of 2 minute activation, some of the best locations for this pass are:
    UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France (North). 
    If the test will be extended to 4 minutes it should be visible also from:
    Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia and North of Italy.
    The LEDs can be observed from other locations as well: more details and maps
    can be obtained at the following page:
    Setting your coordinates, the program will display the expected LED 
    magnitude at any desired date and time. In any cases, at least binoculars are
    (Both the schedule and the magnitudes might change as new data will
    be available).
    Other info available at the FitSat-1 home page:
    Best regards,
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