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From: Kevin Fetter (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2012 - 06:41:23 UTC

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    --- On Fri, 12/7/12, Jonathan W <> wrote:
    > posits that geostationary satellites will
    > remain in their orbits indefinitely - until they are
    > removed, or the Sun
    > becomes a red giant some 5 billion years from now,
    Even before that happens, they can't remain in their orbits indefinitely. The orbit's change over time, because of the pull of the sun/moon.
    But they will stay in orbit, even after they removed from service are the sun becomes a red giant. The earth from what read somewhere won't be detroyed by the sun, but we will be cooked to death. Since the earth will be still around, then the earth's gravity will keep the sat's in orbit.
    Ya I know, I being a smart *** .
    > there is
    > absolutely no atmospheric drag at the altitude of 22,300
    > miles.  But is that really true? 
    I wonder to. Look a comet, the sun solar wind causes stuff to come off it, so why not earth's atmo being released into space. 
    Pay no attention to me, I don't think straight.
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