Phobos-Grunt - video of the pass over São Paulo/Brazil

From: Carlos Bella (
Date: Tue Dec 13 2011 - 02:08:16 UTC

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    Today I managed to make a video of the passage of the Phobos-Grunt above
    the northwest-southeast horizon in city of São Paulo. The maximum altitude
    of the probe was only 17 degrees above the heavy light polluted horizon and
    during most of the time the probe was kept below a sufficient
    magnitude to overcome
    the brightness of the twilight. It was only in its moment of culmination
    which reached a maximum magnitude of 2.9 (measured in UFOAnalizer
    software). the video covers the time between 22:21:30 and 22:21:45 UT.
    Performing a preliminary photometric study (with the software Limovie) the
    light curve shows a gradual increase in brightness followed by a rapid drop
    and subsequent stabilization at a level of gradual decline. As can be seen
    in the graphic below:
    Coincidentally or not the light curve of the video of Kevin Fetter also
    shows a gradual increase in brightness followed by a sharp decline after
    the maximum:
    In reality this was a test of capture for the passes in the next days that
    will be much more favorable.
    Carlos Bella
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