RE: Phobos Grunt, Colorado - not see

Date: Sat Dec 10 2011 - 21:25:14 UTC

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    My apologies.   I was using printouts from Heavens ABOVE.....
    not Heavensat.
    Ron Lee
    Derek C Breit <> wrote :
    > In case you (or anyone else for that matter) needs to be able to switch back
    > and forth at will, on the COMMON menu, under OPTIONS, select the SKY tab..At
    > the middle right of the form that opens you can select either an Alt Az or
    > Equatorial mount, and / or a horizontal or vertical flip..
    > Derek
    > I need AZ-EL plots from Heavensat.  RA-DEC does no good when trying to find
    > things visually.
    > Ron Lee
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