Phobus-Grunt observation - Colorado

From: Skywise (
Date: Fri Dec 09 2011 - 00:57:23 UTC

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    I'm just down the road from Ron Lee.
    Observed Phobos-Grunt on 55 degree elevation pass through Cassiopeia.
    That sucker moves fast. Heavens-Above gives a range of 260 km.
    I thought I observed slow variation in brightness, on the order of
    several seconds. Perhaps just the phase angle?
    I attempted a photo, and it's there, but faint. There appears to be
    some variation in brightness in the photo as well, but it could be
    an artifact of uneven exposure. The trail starts within the image
    and continues off frame.
    I only performed a histogram equalize and then reduced it in size.
    Image specifics:
    Nikon D200
    ISO 100
    30 seconds
    42mm focal length (35 mm equivalent)
    Start time per exif: Dec 8, 2011 4:13:24pm.
    Correcting for wrong time zone in camera, and that it is about
    7.5 seconds fast should yield a start time of 00:13:17 Dec 9, 2011.
    Should be accurate within a couple seconds.
    location: Colorado Springs/Black Forest
    lat 38.955, long -104.663, alt 7000ft (almost exact)
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